Columbia University



With the theme of Partition of India 1947

Topic: Confronting Communal Conflict

(September 2015)

“I thought Amrit’s workshop was provocative in the best way possible: it pushed me out of my comfort zone, and pushed me to consider my identity, so I could try to understand the partition of India in terms of human loss instead of history and geopolitics.”

– Tanveer Singh, studying Political Science and Economics – Columbia University

“I really enjoyed the different exercises/demonstrations we did, as it gave me insight into the border conflict between India and Pakistan that I had never thought about, and overall the performance was excellent!”

– Zain Kabeer, studying Economics, Political Science, and Classics – Columbia University

“Despite learning about Partition in a classroom setting, and learning about it in a familial setting, Amrit’s performance and workshops was the first time I really considered Partition for the perspective of the many different people lost and confused, not just my family’s narrative, or the narrative of two political factions. She masterfully highlighted the many different, immeasurably valuable emotions which shaped the tragedy.”

– Omar Khan, studying Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies – Columbia University