Ashoka University (India)



“The workshop, was truly and intimately playing with the understanding of a liberal education, the coming together of various disciplines, of history, music, theatre, art and people. The connection between theatre and people, is what intrigued me most about this workshop, because to ‘act’ in theatre or for theatre is to imply it is something that is seemingly real and yet not real. But to think of it in terms of partition, put yourself in there shoes and ‘act’ it out, is also to go through a part of what the people did back then. This is for us to become a part of a historical event we were not present for, yet its traces remain in every part of our life. Thats why this workshop is what makes it different, edgy and one that is important to reflect over, once finished.”
Gia Singh Arora
2nd Year
Literature Major
Performing Arts Minor

“Amrit’s workshop at Ashoka University was to me eye-opening, as it not only gave me a balanced perspective on South Asian history but also sensitized me to its deeply human aspects.Through (seemingly) fun games and engaging discussions, the workshop helped me gain an experiential understanding of what it must have been to have lived through the partition of India. Besides being a mesmerizing artist, Amrit is terrific in the way she blends performance with history. Her innovations with peppy theatrical games made the exercises highly interesting and educational.”
Sourabh Harihar
Studying towards a Diploma in Liberal Arts
Age: 25